We be cray cray.

We be cray cray…. no but seriously we are cray about moving images. If you are too please do get in touch and let’s do something crazy beautiful together.

We are a Berlin based production company with a global network of professionals in film production, concept development, and years of experience working with agencies and clients directly. We pride ourselves in tailoring each and every project to the unique requirements. We do commercials, brand or corporate films, music videos and animations.

Photo by Holger Talinski

Simply shoot us an email to get in touch, or give us a call.

Let’s get cray cray together!


Always communicating and outgoing, Michael “The Cray” is a networker by personality. He worked as a freelance Producer and 1.AD for several years, after finishing his Diploma in Communication Design in Film.
Michaels portfolio spans documentaries, news, TV shows, movies, series, live concerts, music videos, and of course commercials. If you wanna shoot the most complicated shoot in the last corner of the world, Michael is the one to call!


Lara is always aiming for the perfect alignment of budget and value. As a creative strategical planner, with a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Media Management she is pulling the strings in the background. Lara “The Puppet Master” Schürmann as she is known by has years of experience as Head of Production. Managing several projects and budgets at the same time is her superpower. Secretly referred to as a postproduction mastermind she is always going cray cray on every project, big or small, high or low.

Join the family, get cray cray with us.